Download Discovery Mindsets - a set of cards for more effective discoveries

Discovery Mindset Cards - better discoveries, better outcomes

These discovery mindset cards are a set of 45 cards designed to help anyone involved in running and delivering discovery work achieve better outcomes.

Running a discovery project can be challenging. There’s a lot at stake. Get it wrong, and there’s a risk the ship sets sail in the wrong direction. Get it right, and years of purposeful, impactful work can follow.

Creating the right conditions and setting yourself up for success is critical. The methods, toolsets and processes for discovery are a big part of this, but the most important thing to pay attention to is mindset. Address this, and it helps everything else to fall into place.

What mindsets (or thinking styles) are prevalent within your team? What mindsets are influencing your team from the outside?

People come to discovery with different expectations. It might be the first time some of your team has worked in a user centred way. They may want to learn, to share in the thinking. But they might not know where to start.

We designed these cards for anyone involved in running / delivering discovery work. We hope they’ll remind you of ways mindsets can influence outcomes and provide a helping hand if you’re feeling a bit stuck.


We've also designed a couple of workshop formats where you can integrate the cards into project planning or retrospectives. We've set these up in Miro and they are linked from the cards.

Share what you learn

Let us know which of the cards helped you and in what situations. Also share what didn’t work - to help us with the next version of these cards. We look forward to hearing from you -

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