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Usability test

Uncover exactly how your digital product is working from the user's perspective. Reveal friction, pain-points, gaps and opportunities across mobile and desktop.

This detailed study of the way people are using a digital product will gather detailed evidence that you can use to significantly improve effectiveness. It will provide you with a clear view of the problems worth solving.


Discovery workshop

Who are the users, where are the opportunities and how will we measure success?

Research planning

Identifying the areas and functionality to explore through the research interviews

Participant recruitment

Finding the right people, considering behaviours, attitudes and demographics

Conducting the usability tests

Testing digital products on mobile and desktop, remotely and face-to-face

Observing the research

We encourage your team to observe the sessions either remotely or in our lab

Analysis and recommendations

We prioritise the insight, identify quick wins and run a workshop to present recommendations

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If you’re thinking of dramatic change, Mace & Menter provide the empirical basis on which to direct your resources appropriately. They’re very much a tool of due diligence for dramatic technological change in the work place. I’ve been thrilled with the work, they’ve been fantastic. I definitely felt a very great deal of trust.

Programme director - Cabinet Office

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